3 tips to efficiently manage the internal and external medical writing process

For authors in the Life Sciences industry, there are typically many moving parts — and many people working simultaneously — on any given project. Getting people on the same page is critical when you are creating medical documentation. And, this is even more of a challenge when you have a combination of internal and external teams collaborating on a project.

When everyone is working off their own version of a typical publishing program like Microsoft Word, keeping content compliant, current and consistent might be challenging. For those tasked with overseeing or managing medical writers, check out our top tips to help set your team of internal and outsourced authors up for success.

  1. Use a platform designed exclusively for Life Sciences

    When the publishing process is long, the players are many, and the regulatory requirements are strict, it’s critical to utilize tools that anticipate the specific needs of medical authoring. Whether working with internal, external or a blend of in-house and contract writers, one of the easiest ways to help everyone to get on the same page is to use a documentation platform designed for the Life Sciences industry.

  2. SCA for easier tracked changes across authors

    Working with more than one medical author can mean a headache for the person responsible for consolidating all the various documents — regardless of whether those authors are internal or external. Structured component authoring (SCA) enables multiple writers and reviewers to collaborate from a single platform.

    With the right SCA solution, you can:

    • Obtain an audit trail to keep track of changes and approvals
    • Ensure alignment and consistency throughout the entire authoring process
    • Add both internal and external users to the same project
  3. Use SCA to lock in approved content

    In medical documentation, approved content is gold. This means it’s been reviewed, passed inspection and is ready to be used again and again! But what if your authors aren’t aware that this designated copy is there or available for utilization? Or worse, what if they can’t find it?

    With Microsoft Word, there is little you can do to differentiate approved content from the copy that’s still a rough draft. SCA lets you lock approved content into place; no more sifting through hundreds of paragraphs. And, if changes are needed to previously-approved content, SCA enables you to edit from one location while automatically updating your document.

SCA: A solution for internal and external medical authors

Though outsourcing writers can be a valuable (and often essential) way to augment your internal team, it’s not without some challenges. SCA is an easy way to help ensure all of your authors can stay compliant and on track via a connected platform — even if they are contributing from outside your organization.

By giving users SCA platform access built with the Life Sciences industry in mind, you can transform how you do business. Docuvera is a structured component authoring SaaS solution designed specifically for the Life Sciences industry. Connect with us today to learn what our platform can do for your business.

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