Content Management for Life Sciences

Leverage AI + structured content to revolutionize your pharma documentation.

Designed specifically for Life Sciences, Docuvera improves the efficiency of document creation, minimizes errors and omissions, and provides compliance necessary for a regulated industry.

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What is Docuvera?

Docuvera is the most efficient way to create, review, update, and publish life sciences documentation.

Docuvera provides the perfect blend of AI-powered automation with the governance, consistency, and control required to serve the regulatory writing space. Achieve maximum efficiency in your content development while delivering higher quality and more accurate documents.

We solve one of biopharma’s major challenges: the inefficiency of creating, reviewing, updating, and publishing documentation throughout the drug development lifecycle.

What is Docuvera?

Docuvera is the most efficient way to create, review and publish Life Sciences documentation.

Docuvera is a single platform to author, review, approve, translate, and publish regulated documents by reusing approved, compliant component content. We solve one of biopharma’s major challenges – creating and updating documentation through the drug development lifecycle.

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How our AI + structured content solution works

What can AI + structured content do for you?

Docuvera combines the automation of AI to deliver efficiency with the control and governance of structured content to transform how you do business.

When implemented effectively, Docuvera will slash the time needed to create documentation, dramatically increasing output without having to add staff members — making a major improvement to your bottom line.

Typical Docuvera customers see dramatic efficiency and productivity results:


Content Reuse

Reuse approved content components versus rewriting or copy/pasting content


Productivity Gains

Content reuse drives efficiency in creating, reviewing and updating documents


ROI Achieved

Gains in efficiency allows existing teams to do more without having to add headcount

Demonstrated success

Eli Lilly led organizational change to realize successful component authoring with Docuvera

Achieving 65% reuse of components in Global Medical Information in the first year, Eli Lilly Global Medical Information has successfully made the paradigm shift from traditional authoring to component authoring. Hear the four important milestones in Lilly’s adaptive content creation journey and how they applied the 5W framework as a guide to help lead organizational change to component authoring.

Award winning solutions

TIN Report’s Absolute IT Supreme Scale-Ups for 2022

Technology Investment Network (TIN) has named ASC a winner of this year’s TIN Awards for the 2022 TIN Report in the category of Absolute IT Supreme Scale-Ups. As a leading innovator of authoring management platform tools including Docuvera, ASC has proven to be a very successful technology company for New Zealand and worldwide.

Remove the pain of cut and paste

Authors can collaborate simultaneously on documents by easily reusing approved blocks of content to assemble documents. No technical expertise or expensive support required.


Collaborative review and approval process

Cross-department review of documents can happen collaboratively in a single forum for discussions and resolutions. No more manual merging of Word track changes.


Efficient, flexible changemanagement

Real-time automatic notifications are sent when reused content changes. Quickly view changes and update local documents appropriately.


Quick and easy publishing tomultiple channels

Create different document types (Word, PDF, HTML, etc.) with different styles from a single project. Automatically upload to existing downstream system.

Structured Content Authoring

Robust, detailed reportingand audit trail

All content updates, reviews, approval workflows and publishing events are captured and stored in the Docuvera audit trail. Document reasons for changes and content deviations as part of the change management process.


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