Eliminate the manual, risk-prone process of CMC content authoring.

The drug manufacturing process involves a vast amount of documentation across many regions. Using desktop software to manually create and update these complex documents can result in tremendous inefficiencies and irrelevant or inaccurate information. Because all stages of the drug development life cycle involve chemistry manufacturing and controls content, it’s critical that documentation is accurate, globally-relevant and expeditious.

A single platform to increase speed and efficiency of document development.

Docuvera’s component authoring solution improves documentation efficiency and content accuracy by reusing approved, compliant blocks of content to build and update CMC documents. As a single platform to author, review, approve, translate, reuse and publish CMC documents, Docuvera enables the reuse of core, global information to assemble regional documentation. By referencing one global, single-source of content, the risk of using inaccurate documentation is avoided, while the speed and efficiency of document development is vastly increased.

Robust, collaborative, and easy to use

A scalable enterprise-level LCMS solution built for writers, curriculum developers, and SMEs in a collaborative environment.

Engage learners with responsive, adaptive, eLearning & microlearning

Create and manage large volumes of learning content easily and securely

Localize and translate content by the word, not the document

Reuse content within and between courses, saving time and money

Collaborate and review in real time with course developers and SMEs

Deliver interactive courses for every device with truly adaptive HTML5 publishing

Write once, publish everywhere