Escape the inefficiencies of Word for document creation and reuse.

For pharmaceutical companies, efficiently-developed and accurate medical documentation is critical in providing timely responses to inquiries by health care professionals. Despite this long-standing pain point, pharmas continue to use Microsoft Word combined with piecemeal workflow systems to create, review and update global, regional and local medical content. In addition, Word content cannot easily be used to create content for channels like web sites, interactive PDFs, and chatbots. This inefficient approach can no longer support the needs of fast-paced, complex medical information content creation that increasingly is repurposed for multiple channels. A component authoring solution improves efficiency by reusing approved, compliant blocks of content from global medical responses down to the regional and local medical information and across a range of communication channels.

Discover the ease of producing multi-use content from a single source.

Because medical information is reused across many locales and many distribution channels, this part of the drug life cycle is ideal for Docuvera’s component authoring approach. By authoring, reviewing and updating discrete blocks of content only once, pharmas can improve the creation of regional and local medical letters that reuse the compliant, approved content from a central database of global content.  And, the same grouping of content can be used to create Word documents, PDFs, HTML pages, and other interactive content by applying different styles to the same content.

Only Docuvera has integrated tools to:

  • Search for and recommend compliant content
  • Automatically reuse that content in region/local medical letters
  • Allow downstream authors to modify global content
  • Manage review and approval workflows to ensure content is compliant and ready to be released,
  • Create different outputs (Word, HTML, PDF, etc.) from the same content by applying different styles.

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