5 signs your Life Sciences org needs SCA

Are you still using a program like Microsoft Word for your medical authoring and documentation? Structured component authoring (SCA) gives authors advantages like flexibility, improved compliance capabilities, better data integration and more.

Relying on standard desktop publishing programs means you might miss out on a more efficient and effective way to go about your authoring. Here are five signs that your Life Sciences organization is ready for a change:

Everyone — and everything — is going (fully) digital. So why aren’t you?

Digital transformation is more than just a buzzword; it’s a better way of going about your daily business. As companies shift to cloud-based document storage, management and tools, organizations are discovering that more flexibility means better workflows for everyone.

For Life Sciences authors, SCA streamlines the entire publication process. From keeping track of approved content blocks to eliminating inefficient copy/paste document update methods, SCA brings medical documentation and content creation capabilities up to current possibilities.

Curious how SCA can boost your digitalization initiatives? Discover why pharmaceutical documentation might be stuck in the dark ages of desktop publishing — and how to find the light.

You’re ready for your documents to work with the data, not against it

If you work in Life Sciences, you’re likely familiar with the industry’s strict documentation requirements and regulations. When you’re tasked with merging data and documents, the last thing you want to do is struggle with Microsoft Word which is not designed for this purpose. Luckily, with an integrated SaaS technology solution, you can unlock a single forum for authors and reviewers to create, approve, publish, and reuse content.

Tired of the tedium of merging data across documents? See how adopting SCA can transform how you create and manage your documentation.

Compliance woes are slowing your organization down

In the high-stakes realm of Life Sciences, maintaining compliance — such as for IDMP or EDMA — is critical in medical authoring and publishing.

Whether your organization is tired of keeping up with compliance manually, spending too much time tracking, locating and confirming approved content, or looking for a more transparent audit trail, SCA can offer you the solution you need to ensure your content sails through.

Learn how improved checks and balances is just one of the 4 perks of SCA.

It’s time to replace errors with efficiency (and attract/retain talent)

Across industries, workers are asking for the same thing: up-to-date tools that enable them to do their best job. They’re also looking for solutions that can eliminate unnecessary steps, help avoid errors and ways to reduce redundant and disparate programs.

Without the proper technology, today’s Life Sciences authors are more likely than ever before to seek out new employment in organizations that prioritize modern and cloud-based platforms. Whether you want to make life easier for your Ph.D. authors, their research fellows or anyone in between and at any stage from authoring through publishing, SCA offers capabilities to simplify review processes and shorten output times — all from one platform.

Spoiler alert: it’s easier than you think to streamline complex processes. Explore our top keys to SCA implementation success.

You yearn for consistency

Whether your organization is expanding through acquisitions or simply working across multiple departments, if you’re using a program like Microsoft Word for your medical authoring you’re likely experiencing some headaches. For starters, it might feel like no two versions of the popular desktop publishing program are the same. Or, there isn’t a good way to communicate changes or updates across multiple users and thousands of paragraphs

SCA promotes the consolidation of what can otherwise be a complex and messy documentation process in one platform that can scale to fit how your organization changes — and ensure that all users are using the most current version of the software. And, as a bonus, communication is more effective when multiple users can work from the same platform.

Consolidation is a game changer. Read how SCA is a solution that works for the whole Life Sciences organization — from author through IT.

If you’re seeing any of these red flags, this is your sign that there is a better option. Docuvera is a SaaS solution that gives authors the most efficient way to create, review and publish Life Sciences documentation. Book a free consultation today to learn how Docuvera can transform content authoring for your business.

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