6 ways a structured component authoring solution can transform how you do business

Optimize your Life Sciences documentation efficiency with structured component authoring

If you work in Life Sciences, you’ve likely encountered inefficiencies within the documentation process resulting in loss of productivity. You need a solution that alleviates the hassle of extra steps or crossed wires and improves communication across all stages of pharmaceutical documentation. Whether your organization is manually copying and pasting thousands of paragraphs in Word or struggling with compliance and version control, it’s possible to implement a more effective documentation system.

A structured component authoring (SCA) solution leverages the power of the cloud to author, review, approve, translate, reuse, and publish content, keeping documentation all in one platform. SCA can enable authors to write information as “component blocks” and easily reuse approved content to assemble new documents that efficiently propagate changes as source information is updated.

Create, review and publish all in one platform

SCA can optimize the documentation process, resulting in increased output without needing to rely on additional staff resources. By centralizing content authoring and eliminating inefficient manual activities, Life Sciences organizations can gain other benefits with SCA, including:

  1. Efficiency gains. Streamlining the authoring, review and updating process can result in increased productivity.
  2. Reduction in errors and omissions. Reused components are locked and not susceptible to the errors introduced during traditional copying and pasting.
  3. Improved consistency. Authors and reviewers can collaborate across departments in a single forum to avoid time-consuming feedback reconciliation and version control issues.
  4. Greater compliance. All-in-one platform documentation enables templates and styles to stay compliant with fluctuating Life Sciences regulatory requirements.
  5. Increased security. Information stays protected with data encryption, daily system backups and intrusion prevention and detection.
  6. Improved ROI. An efficient documentation process means increased productivity and less money spent on additional resources.

There are many nuances when it comes to Life Sciences documentation, but it’s possible to simplify with one, easy-to-use platform. SCA consolidates multiple workflows, boosts compliance and reduces back and forth communications. By improving efficiency in content authoring, organizations can save on resourcing to improve the bottom line and, most importantly, transform how you do business.

Docuvera is a structured component authoring SaaS solution designed specifically for the Life Sciences industry. We would be happy to connect with you and share what our platform can do for your business.

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