Power what’s possible with structured component authoring

Imagine this: you’re working on groundbreaking innovations for the Life Sciences industry. Your team is composed of multiple people with various specialties, spread across time zones (and sometimes, continents). There are clinical trials, endless regulatory and ethics requirements, and countless changes to critical documentation  in the authoring process. You might be on the cusp of changing the world — yet you’re using Microsoft Word to manage and publish your information.

While traditional desktop publishing programs are well suited for the general population, medical and scientific authoring calls for a more flexible and efficient solution to keep up with the demands of clinical documentation. Structured component authoring (SCA) can help increase accuracy, reduce compliance risks, streamline the authoring process and ultimately, help organizations save money.

Read on to learn how a SaaS SCA solution can help Life Science organizations easily think more like a tech company to level up the medical authoring and publishing process.

Cloud-powered means enhanced consistency and collaboration

Microsoft Word functions best for static documents, with just a few collaborators. In medical authoring, there can be dozens of authors, hundreds of pages and thousands of updates throughout the drug development lifecycle. Adopting a SaaS SCA solution for your organization can optimize the publishing process  through component reuse by enhancing productivity, effciency and communication.

A SaaS SCA solution can help:

  • Reduce time spent communicating about what has been updated — and what hasn’t
  • Streamline workflows allowing authors and reviewers to simultaneously review content
  • Maintain document versioning
  • Enable omni-channel publishing in various formats (e.g., Word, PDF, HTML)

An end-to-end SCA solution improves quality and compliance

Innovation demands efficiency, productivity, and often, adhering to strict regulatory requirements. Many tech companies use cloud-based tools and platforms to help keep teams aligned and work compliant. The right SaaS solutions can enable businesses to change the game — and it’s possible for Life Science organizations to take a page from this playbook.

With an SCA application authors can reuse approved content to assemble new documentation instead of manually copying and pasting thousands of paragraphs in a process that is not efficient and leaves countless opportunities for errors. Additionally SCA helps boost compliance using approved blocks of content and a robust audit trail that tracks updates and metadata changes. Additionally, one source of information can enable effective governance across your entire portfolio.

It can take more than a decade to develop a new medicine. When authoring, reviewing and publishing happens all in one platform, Life Science organizations can spend less time copying and pasting and more time innovating.

It’s time to reimagine medical authoring and publishing. Docuvera’s SCA solution offers a streamlined, transparent documentation process that leverages the power of the cloud to transform business — all in one, easy-to-use platform.

Reach out today to learn how Docuvera can help evolve your documentation process.

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