Bertelsmann Investments Makes a Strategic Investment in ASC-Docuvera

Bertelsmann Investments Makes a Strategic Investment in

Gütersloh / New Zealand, September 29, 2023

Bertelsmann Investments (BI) invests a mid-single-digit million Euro amount in Author-it Software Corporation (ASC), world leader in component-based authoring solutions and service provider for pharmaceutical companies based in New Zealand. ASC is the developer behind Docuvera, a platform within the Life Sciences sector. Docuvera empowers its B2B clients to efficiently author, review, approve, translate, and publish regulated documents by reusing approved, compliant component content. It addresses a major challenge in pharma – the inefficiency of document creation and updates throughout the drug development lifecycle. By leveraging synergies, a strategic collaboration with Rote Liste Service GmbH (ROTE LISTE) promises to bring user-friendly technology to streamline complex processes in pharmaceutical content creation, driving competitive efficiencies for pharmaceutical companies.

Carsten Coesfeld, CEO of Bertelsmann Investments, says: “The company Author-it Software Corporation with its platform Docuvera is a perfect example of the effectiveness and potential of digitization in the healthcare market. The synergies with our portfolio company ROTE LISTE are high. We see great opportunities for the digital healthcare market overall and have already invested 90 million Euro in the market since last year.”

Tobias Beer, General Manager ROTE LISTE, adds: “Investing in Docuvera is an opportunity to be part of the transformative evolution in the pharma sector. Docuvera’s dedicated team has developed a platform that empowers pharmaceutical companies to efficiently manage their regulated documents by leveraging approved, compliant component content. We are firmly committed to fostering the seamless adoption of this innovation across Europe, with the unwavering belief that all companies will reap substantial benefits from its groundbreaking capabilities.”

Paul Reid, CEO of Author-it Software Corporation, says: “We are excited and humbled to receive an investment from Bertelsmann Investments – a profound vote of confidence that will enable us to continue our journey in creating world-class authoring tools for our customers and expanding our team. Our products empower pharmaceutical companies to author and reuse information in a manner that generates game-changing efficiencies. Our partnership with Bertelsmann and ROTE LISTE, a mainstay in the German healthcare environment, will assist us in accelerating adoption, as the scale of the problem we aim to address is growing day by day.”

About Bertelsmann Investments

Bertelsmann Investments (BI) comprises Bertelsmann’s global venture capital activities as well as the Bertelsmann Next growth unit. The venture capital arm includes the Bertelsmann Asia Investments (BAI), Bertelsmann India Investments (BII) and Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI) funds, as well as selected fund and direct holdings in markets including Europe, the United States, Brazil, Southeast Asia and Africa. The Bertelsmann Next unit advances the entrepreneurial development of new growth sectors and business areas, including digital health, mobile gaming and HR Tech. To date, around €1.7 billion has been invested in more than 400 innovative companies and funds through Bertelsmann Investments. Bertelsmann Investments currently holds over 300 active investments worldwide through its network of start-ups and funds. See the release on Bertelsmann Investments

About Rote Liste Service GmbH

Rote Liste Service GmbH (ROTE LISTE) is a recent addition to the Bertelsmann Investments portfolio and represents 90 years of reliability in medicinal product information. Rote Liste enables the pharmaceutical industry to publish their materials to healthcare professionals and patients, empowering them to address complex questions with a foundation of certainty. As a recognized institution in the German healthcare environment, ROTE LISTE has been and continues to be a long-term trusted partner to pharmaceutical companies.

About Author-it Software Corporation

Author-it Software Corporation (ASC) is the developer of Docuvera and the world leader in component-based authoring solutions, purpose-built for biopharmaceutical companies. We seek to solve one of Biopharma’s major challenges: the inefficiency of managing information across functional areas throughout the drug development lifecycle, from lab to launch. With a pedigree of developing integrated structured authoring platforms for over 20 years and supporting pharmaceutical companies for more than 10 years, our hands-on experience is extensive. Our clients include several of the Top 20 Global R&D companies, who are the same subject matter experts that provide guidance informing future feature development of the Docuvera platform.

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