Pharmaceutical Labeling and the Promise of SCA, Part Two

In part one of our Pharmaceutical Labeling and the Promise of SCA series, we examined the unique challenges in pharmaceutical labeling and why the industry has yet to utilize structured component authoring (SCA) fully. The verdict? Pharmaceutical labeling content has many components, including compliance, accuracy, collaboration between departments and stakeholders, as well as translation.

Though SCA can potentially optimize pharmaceutical labeling, many life sciences organizations have been slow to adopt this technology — and we suspect implementation is the missing component to successful utilization.

Knowing that there are many opportunities with SCA for labeling, we’re exploring how the right partner can make all the difference when adopting a solution, especially at the implementation stage.

What contributes to a successful SCA implementation?

In any industry, implementing software at an enterprise level requires careful planning, execution, and ongoing management, as well as a combination of technical expertise and project management. Successful implementation means planning carefully, involving stakeholders at every stage, and monitoring progress closely to ensure success — SCA is no different.

For life sciences organizations considering a modern SCA solution, the success of implementation is critical to the platform’s long-term viability. Whereas many vendors might disappear once the final contract is signed, Docuvera believes that a successful implementation begins with a tailored services experience and extensive support. Teamwork is the Docuvera differentiator.

To illustrate a typical implementation: Docuvera works together closely with customers, content strategists, IT personnel, and other internal team members on a global plan to ensure that when they plan to go live in a specific region or a country, all of the different aspects that need to be available in the solution end-to-end are available.

While there is no one-size-fits-all support model, the Docuvera team understands that a standard methodology works: giving customers what they need. This means a combination of remote and in-person support.

Why many global Life Sciences organizations incur implementation challenges

Two vital parts of a successful implementation at an enterprise level are understanding the business’s short- and long-term goals, and knowing the nuances that affect the different locations where that organization operates.

For successful implementations, it’s critical to understand different organizations’ compliance and technical requirements — especially those that cross international borders. In labeling, there are intricacies with different regions of the world. Docuvera partners closely with each customer to capture subtleties and specific procedures that their specific regions have.

How SCA is an innovative pharmaceutical labeling tool

There are many players in bringing pharmaceutical products to market, and different areas or industry teams may not be aware of the background of processes and changes that are also happening in labeling. Additionally, pharmaceutical companies spend resources managing labeling content, such as that contained in Core Data Sheets (CDSs), Package Inserts (PIs) or Medication Guides.

In general, the life sciences industry is looking for ways to simplify how product information can be accessed and updated. Whether API or DMP, (essentially a standard for having a standard way of classifying and categorizing medicinal product information), improving the standards of how product information is stored and tagged is at the core of how the industry can innovate — an SCA solution like Docuvera can help in that process

Add Docuvera to your SCA implementation team

Life sciences Labeling documentation involves specifics. From guidance for different document types and a range of local Health Authority requirements to varied formatting requirements for submissions, pharmaceutical companies need to optimize their resources. For life sciences organizations to implement an SCA to optimize the process, it takes a strong partner.

Docuvera understands the complexities facing pharmaceutical labeling, starting with implementation. Our teams work alongside your people to ensure a successful product launch so you can quickly realize the benefits of an optimized process.

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