How SCA delivers ROI

The drug documentation lifecycle is long and involves many people along the way. From in-depth review processes to challenges in auditing and tracking content, Life Sciences organizations that are still using publishing programs like Microsoft Word are likely spending a lot of resources to build document processes based on 1980s technology.

Structured component authoring (SCA) streamlines the documentation process by keeping track of approved content blocks and eliminating inefficient copy/paste document update methods. Yet, many businesses have been hesitant to make the switch.

Life Sciences organizations need a solution designed specifically for their industry, not a generalized authoring platform. Docuvera offers an experience created for the medical authoring and drug documentation process — all in one platform. At the core of this platform, is an aim to help companies achieve ROI through productivity and efficiency.

SaaS solutions are scalable without draining your resources

Many organizations still rely on desktop-based or on-premises infrastructures to handle their day-to-day tasks, which requires IT to be physically present to install new systems, build infrastructure or scale capacities — a costly investment. Modern Life Sciences organizations need a SaaS SCA solution that can rely on the cloud to scale and add users as required.

Save time, and save money

An effectively implemented SCA can help reduce the time needed to create documentation and

increase output without having to add staff members, drastically improving your bottom line. Efficiency improvements contribute to productivity gains; improved efficiencies allow existing teams to take on more initiatives.

Content reuse for the win

With an SCA solution that feels familiar, Life Sciences organizations can achieve rapid adoption of the solution which, in turn, drives high levels of reuse of existing, approved content — eliminating the need to create redundant content.

Get more from your data — with less work

Manually copying and pasting content across documents slowing you down? Adopting SCA can transform how you create and manage your documentation.

SCA: Save time (and money) getting started

With some solutions, the vendor mysteriously disappears after the agreement is signed. With Docuvera, we have dedicated onboarding, training, and support representatives with you every step to ensure that your organization can get up-to-speed quickly with a dedicated customer success manager assisting you along the way. And, unlike many other providers, you don’t need to hire additional IT personnel to manage the solution. Docuvera is designed for easy use by authors and reviewers — and minimal burden to IT.

Docuvera is an integrated SaaS technology solution that gives you a single forum for authors and reviewers to create, approve, publish, and reuse content. Ready to discover how Docuvera can deliver results for your organization? Let’s talk.

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