Can your documentation solution flex with your organization?

For Pharma businesses of all sizes, the right tools can enable efficiency, collaboration and effective use of available resources. When it comes to medical information writing teams, structured component authoring (SCA) is a solution with great promise for a complex authoring process. However, not all SCA platforms are designed to flex to match the needs of all organizations.

Whether your Life Sciences writing team is small and mighty or dispersed across global boundaries, having an SCA solution that can scale with your business is essential to ensure your authoring process remains consistent and compliant, no matter how rapidly your organization grows or changes.

Why should your organization look to the cloud for its SCA platform?

The key to finding the right SCA platform for your organization lies in seeking out an option that is designed specifically for Life Sciences and is built as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. SaaS is software that’s made available via a third party over the internet, or cloud-based. Instead of being on-premise or server-based, cloud services are highly scalable, and your team can increase or decrease resources as needed.

What benefits do SaaS solutions offer Life Sciences organizations?

With many Life Sciences and Pharma organizations spread across departments, facilities, and even different countries, a SaaS SCA solution can enable teams and end-users access to the same version of a platform, no matter where they are located.

Additional benefits of SaaS solutions can include:

  • Cost savings: By eliminating the need for expensive hardware or software purchases, SaaS solutions can reduce upfront costs and ongoing maintenance fees.
  • Scalability: SaaS solutions can easily scale to accommodate the changing needs of a Life Sciences organization, whether it’s a startup or a large enterprise.
  • Flexibility: Cloud-based SaaS solutions enable access from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easier for Pharma teams to collaborate and work remotely.
  • Straightforward implementation: Because SaaS solutions do not require the same level of customization as traditional software solutions, it’s easier to implement at a more rapid pace.
  • Security: Many SaaS providers have dedicated security teams and use the latest security protocols to protect their customers’ data, providing a higher level of security than many organizations can achieve on their own.
  • Integration: Some SaaS solutions offer integrations with other software systems commonly used in the Life Sciences industry.

On top of the many benefits for individual users, well-designed SaaS solutions can reduce the burden on busy IT teams with extensive vendor support, intuitive interfaces that require minimal training for users, and automatic updates that can be seamlessly pushed out without disrupting the flow of work.

Docuvera: SCA that can scale with your organization

Docuvera simplifies the medical information writing process by enabling users to author, review, approve, translate, and publish regulated documents by reusing approved, compliant component content — all from a single SaaS platform.

We’ve created an SCA solution that can help Pharma teams create, manage, and publish medical information and content — no matter how large or small the organization. Our platform is designed to meet the specific needs of the Life Sciences industry and offers capabilities that include a collaborative review and publishing process, approved content reuse, detailed reporting and auditing, and more.

If you are looking for a better way to do documentation, SCA could be the missing tool in your process — so long as you select a platform that can flex with your organization. Paired with a customer success model, Our SaaS SCA solution is designed to easily scale with your organization as you grow. Should your content creation and publishing needs change, we will right-size your project and pace of implementation to fit your needs, ensuring immediate and long-term success.

Docuvera helps medical authors with an efficient way to create, review and publish Life Sciences documentation. Schedule a demo today to learn how Docuvera can boost content authoring for your organization.

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