Do it write: from implementation to authoring in no time

When organizations invest in new platforms and technology, it’s a big deal. From making the actual purchase of the tool to using IT resources to getting everything up and running, it can be a major lift — and a major expense.

Successful implementation takes planning, buy-in, education and most importantly, a new solution needs to be easily used by the people who will use it.

To do their job, it’s essential for Life Sciences authors to do what they were hired for: write. Since medical authoring has its challenges (think many writers or reviewers working simultaneously on the same project, and strict compliance and regulation guidelines), using a platform designed for this complex industry is necessary.

But if it’s hard for users to start using, well then Houston, we have a problem.

Enable smarter authoring across your organization

Structured component authoring (SCA) is an ideal format for collaboratively creating, reviewing, approving, submitting and publishing Life Sciences documentation. Docuvera’s SCA solution takes some of the most challenging aspects of medical documentation and creates checks and balances, workflows and a streamlined process to reduce the error and duplicated effort that happens when medical authors are using a program like Microsoft Word. And, Docuvera’s implementation services engagement model is proven and repeatable.

A solution provider that understands the end user

Bells and whistles are great — but not if they require advanced coding knowledge. As an author, the last thing you want is to spend countless hours laboring over a complicated tool just so you can do your job.

With most software, there is a steep learning curve to be able to use it proficiently. That can mean losing valuable time training external suppliers and new hires. Whether it’s waiting for IT to manually update each machine, followed by a training period that’s also accompanied by additional troubleshooting, making a change can feel like a giant step back.

Knowing this, Docuvera designed its SCA solution focused on ease of use for SME authors by leveraging the familiarity of popular desktop publishing programs and utilizing advances in technology (like creating a cloud-based platform that can be easily scaled, updated, or accessed). Docuvera places little burden on IT, so rollout can happen smoothly and efficiently.

Support that works with your organization, not against it

Docuvera’s SCA solution is straightforward to use with little training (no hard coding knowledge required), but also comes backed by fully supported adoption assistance.

With Docuvera, you can expect:

  • Guidance at every stage of the implementation
  • Documentation and support, customized for your organization
  • Continuous optimization of product and support

From self-guided learning options through full-spectrum training, your organization’s successful implementation is Docuvera’s priority.

Docuvera in action

Your breakthrough work deserves a platform that makes the entire publishing process smoother and more efficient — without a cumbersome ramp-up process. Docuvera’s SCA is designed for Life Sciences, so authors can easily start doing what they do best: write.

Schedule a demo today to learn how Docuvera can transform content authoring for your business.

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